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43 Career Job Profile Results for Journalism-Publishing

Male, 33, WI
run a print shop and finishing department
Female, 37, MA
Ranges from phone coverage to proofreading.
Male, 32, FL
Editorial layout, Ad design. Production of 3 weekly newspapers as well as various special publications throughout the year.
Female, 28, NY
I conduct research and interviews, and write copy for health and wellness related newsletters. In the final stages, I proofread and edit the newsletters. When working on a book project, I conduct research and fact checking for the manuscript, and proofread and edit in the final stages of production.
Female, 27, NY
My major responsiblities involve project management of books we are signing and producing. I also travel 5-6 times a year to conference where I sell the books and network. Author correspondence is a big part of my daily job.

Female, 28, NC
Edit and approve copy. Assign projects. Oversee writing staff.
Female, 27, NY
I edit stories for clarity and to conform to AP style, and I design and assemble pages
Female, 33, VA
As a copy editor, I edit news and business articles, and write headlines and captions. I also design inside pages and choose the photos to accompany them.
Male, 22, NC
Work with clients to create medium-appropriate content, update the company website and portfolio, work with a content management system to prepare sites for client interaction, and write product documentation.
Female, 26, NY
Basically, I generate sales reports, assist in marketing promotions, act as the liason between customers and upper marketing, manage a small sales staff, and manage rep commissions.
Male, 42, MA
My duties include the final delivery of products throughout the country by mail and personal distribution.
Female, 32, MA
Reading manuscripts, choosing and presenting manuscripts, editing the chosen manuscripts, overseeing marketing, sales, budget, artwork, promotion for the titles I am responsible for. Working closely with the author as to the manuscript, proofreading and editing.

Female, 32, IL
As an editor, I edit manuscript for any given project. I also help plan the book, hire the writers, help figure out any art needed, attend photo shoots if needed, and continue to edit the book through each stage.
Female, 27, CA
I help manage an academic journal that is housed in the Chemistry department.
Male, 45, NY
Edit stories, plan magazine coverage for various sports, coordinate with online division, recruit writers, manage staff.
Female, 41, CT
Writing, computer time, purchasing, fundraising...
Female, 33, MO
I work on yearbook covers and endsheets. Usually, I take a design sent to us by the school and create it on the computer, by either drawing or graphically creating it in Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. I also take standard covers created by our company and individualize them by the specs given by the school.
Female, 34, TN
I write stories, take photographs, and edit copy. Much of my day is spent talking with people--either face to face or on the phone. I also get a lot of email correspondence.
Female, 24, NY
I spend much of my time reading manuscript and writing reports to clients. I track the projects of specific US literary agents and publishers and relay pertinent information to our clients. I also organize our office for several major book fairs each year and create our clients schedules based on whom in US publishing they should meet with.
Female, 23, CA
Managing team of 20 individuals, in addition to reading manuscripts and decide which ones will be made into books.