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53 Career Job Profile Results for Insurance

Male, 42, IL
I am a medical malpractice insurance underwriter. I select and price physician accounts of every size. I also provide referral services for less experienced underwriters. My emphasis is on large group accounts though I also underwrite individual accounts.
Female, 37, IL
Commercial insurance underwriting: Rate new business & renewals; gather renewal data & discuss renewal strategy with Underwriter; Send legal notice when necessary; discuss accounts with insurance agents; respond to inquiries & questions from agents & from other Travelers departments
Male, 26, CO
My duties include servicing existing client policies, up-selling existing clients and marketing to new prospects to build our client base.
Female, 27, NH
clerical work, typing, filing, answering phone, assembling presentations, compiling information on Excel Spreadsheets, shipping supplies to agents, assembling promotional materials for health fairs/presentations
Female, 22, FL
data entry file fax

Female, 37, MA
filing, typing, fill aquisitions, answer phones and customer service All office work.
Male, 47, IN
write policys, do quotes over the phone and in the office, take payments, do changes on policys, take care of problems on peoples policys
Female, 30, PA
rate insurance, amend policies, assist clients, sell policies
Female, 32, CA
mainting existing applications, creating new formulary databases , updating existing websites look and functionality , maintaining etc
Female, 21, NY
Process renewals, endorsements, certificates, state certificate filing, cancellations, renewals, and general customer service.
Male, 23, CA
Review files, prep paperwork for underwriter, analyze drivers and coverage, interacts with broker/agent.
Female, 23, OH

Female, 23, FL
Process changes to existing accounts as well as setting up new accounts.
Female, 42, TX
Examine Insurance claims and pay them
Female, 34, IL
Administors Workers compensation claims, Pay medical bills, administors employess medical care and return to work full duty.
Female, 36, TX
i process and pay medical claims that are submitted by doctors offices and hospitals
Female, 32, TX
I handle benefits for employees and their dependents that have lost their insurance coverage. A federal law called COBRA enables them to keep their insurance if they pay the premiums. I make sure ERS is not in violation of any of the provisions of COBRA. I enroll participants in the program and approve their eligibility for a specified time period.
Female, 32, PA
Worked in title insurance researching files, clearing bankruptcies, judgments, liens from title. Researched Trusts, Estates, etc. Set up files for settlements, HUD's.
Female, 35, VA
Answer the phone, process claims, answer written correspondence.
Female, 27, KY
I am part of the department that explains benefits to members, brokers, agents, employers, etc regarding coverage of a particular medication within the HIPAA guidelines.