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101 Career Job Profile Results for Government-Military

Female, 61, D
Adjudication of contentious issues of client's filing for assistance
Female, 47, CA
Assistant to our CFO. Duties include: Compile all types of correspondence, answer phones, order office supplies, maintain office equipment, schedule meetings and events.
Female, 38, NC
I approve and process grant applications.
Enforce security rules and regulations set by TSA and the airport. Inspect airport structure, grounds and tenants that they comply with all security programs. Teach security training to employees of both the airport and tenants.
Female, 28, VA
I conduct research on many different environmental issues affecting the government. I write reports and summaries to help the government asses ongoing environmental programs.

Female, 58, MD
develop and conduct cost/benefit analysis studies, writing reports on study reslts
Female, 30, VA
receive claims, make decisions
Female, 40, TX
Represent the state and its employees in state and federal lawsuits relating to employment and civil rights.
I defend State employees who are sued in State or Federal Court for conduct that occurred on the job.
Female, 38, MA
Supervise auditors on the job. Give them tasks to complete as well as writing the audit program, conduct testing of different areas of the agency. Report to an Audit Manager.
Female, 35, FL
I am responsible for auditing the Department of Education. We audit the FDOE for both operational and federal audits.
Male, 31, FL
I audit refund requests to determine elegibility accourding to Florida Statute.

Male, 26, FL
Make sure the planes land safely.
Male, 40, TX
agricultural research. help design research projects, collect data, statistical analysis
Female, 38, FL
Responsible for inspecting the output of two (2) buyers. Reviewing solicitation documents. Annually processing over 1,300 Purchase Orders valued at $21M. Develop Standard Operating Procedures and Policies for procurement division. Monitoring 73 multi-year contracts annually. Contract preparation process including assistance with the development of technical specifications and selection of suppliers/contractors. Knowledge of advanced contract terms and conditions and uniform commercial code (UCC).
Female, 28, NC
process cases within a timely manner; determine eligibility for all medicaid programs; assist with local and state hearings
Female, 47, MD
I manage the inflow and outflow of scientific studies that our in-house scientists review to evaluate whether the product is safe to use. I coordinate with the regulated industry about their products and request more or new data as needed.
Male, 41, VA
Stand weekly 8-12 hour watches as the point of contact for U.S. Navy Fleet Warfare Commanders as well as troops on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan. Coordinate technical product production and validation in support of ongoing operations.

CIO Job Profile (ID #3131)

Male, 45, KS
I serve as the Chief Information Officer to the Kansas Department of Transportation and as a senior advisor to the Secretary of Transportation. I am responsible for the operation and performance of the Bureau of Computer Services and am charged with the responsibility for agency-wide information resource management planning, policy recommendations and integration. I serve as consultant, project manager and planner to develop strategic plans for technological integration and intersystem coordination with vendors. I am also responsible for the development of the multi-year IT Management and Budget Plan; systems analysis and planning; technical support; computer and information related training; agency-wide IT standards; and integration of all information technologies.
Male, 26, PA
My duties include, but are not limited to scheduling appointments, entering data, attending minutes, running clinics, and providing secretarial support to many other offices.