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overssee all levels of research and micorobiology studies. report to director on all studies and evaluations.Manage a team of 23 with direct reports
Female, 28, NY
I am the second assistant to the VP of a 500 person department. In this capacity, I provide back up assistance in the absence of the primary assiatnt. I also handle the on and off boarding of all new employees and contractors to the department.
My duties are very similar to an Executive Administrative Assistant and Analyst. I create spreadsheets, documents, travel arrangements, act as travel contact and meeting facilitator, purchase supplies, keep track of calendars, plan departmental meetings, create matrix, etc.
Female, 31, NY
Feed/clean/care for animals; compile data on animals; clean stockroom.
Male, 23, CA
Cell maintenance, lab safety and equipment purchasing, experiments under direction of primary investigator.

Female, 48, PA
Trouble shoot new software, correct minor problems of users with existing software. Correct erroneous data entries. Plan new computer applications.
Female, 24, NY
I am in R&D, so I do lots of various projects. I do standard lab work, establish QA protocols, write SOPs & ATMs, develop & optimize new assays, validate new processes. I'm also starting a project to develop new kits for sale as products.
I work for a 250 people corporation where I supervise the development and process of manufacture of prosthetic limbs and tissues for humans.
Male, 40, TX
agricultural research. help design research projects, collect data, statistical analysis
Female, 40, ME
Evaluate and improve all processes and procedures. Implement engineered standards on all union jobs.
Female, 43, PA
Provide computer (hardware and software) support for 700 site based clients as well as regional offices on the southern east coast of the states. Occasionally provide remote support for Belgium and Italy.
Female, 30, NC
Production Engineering - design all electrical/mechanical centers

Male, 30, VA
All of my work is done in AutoCAD. I prepare installation design packages and other work based on space planning requirements. So far I have travelled to San Diego State University to work on a Navy project that utilizes Google Earth. I also provide support to 2 offices (my division) and 1 office for our sister company.
Female, 26, SC
As a chemical engineer, I support daily production. I provide technical assistance as well as implement innovation projects. I network with manufacturing as well as our customer base.
Am responsible for the outcome of laboratory testing performed in the hospital. I am also responsible for providing and maintaining the continuing education requirements of all the laboratory personnel.
Female, 24, TX
Review research protocols to ensure appropriate pharmacy support. Prepare educational materials to ensure research sites have necessary resources available to correctly treat patients. Serve as a resource to patients, family members, physicians and research staff regarding research agents. Prepares and dispenses research medications to the offices of our cancer care network. Maintains and evaluates patient profiles for research patients. Evaluate all orders for adherence to clinical research protocol requirements. Prepares clinical research medication for distribution to network pharmacies. Maintains appropriate accountability and record keeping of all research agents. Supervise technical staff in the preparation/packaging and shipping or research agents. Assists in ordering, receiving and storage of investigational products. Comply with all company standards for research. Maintain knowledge of and compliance with federal requirements for control of research agents and the conduct of research trials. Actively participate with study sponsors in the monitoring of research studies. Attends/participates in committee and other meetings pertinent to the research pharmacy. Maintains confidentiality of all information related to research patients, medical staff, sponsors.
data mangement
Male, 42, MI
Day to day operations of company and design/implemention of engineering projects.
Male, 35, CA
part RoHS compliance, and alternates.
Male, 36, IL
Come up with solutions for communications requirements dealing with aircraft. The main focus is IP enabled links for aircraft