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I am responsible for the instruction of 20 first grade students. I have specific curriculum guidelines that must be covered for all students. I also have to supplement instruction. I teach all children finding their specific instructional level.
Female, 31, GA
I teach 6 subjects a day, evaluating the progress of each child.
Female, 38, AZ
I teach all subjects to 9 and 10 year olds. I also have a webpage for my classroom and report grades online.
Female, 29, WA
teach 3 8th grade/high school level math classes, mostly algebra. grade papers, plan lessons, meet with other teachers, contact parents as necessary.
Female, 26, OH
I advise undergraduate students who have not been accepted to the college of their major. I help them choose the right courses and advise them on the requirements for their program. I also teach a first year college success course to freshmen students.

I advise student athletes in major and course choices. In addition, I ensure that student athletes remain in good standing with the NCAA and the athletic conference. I also instruct a course dedicated to first-year students.
Lecture on mathematics material according to course syllabi
Male, 36, NY
I generated lectures, teach courses, grade exams and assist students in higher education.
Female, 27, UT
travel arrangements and general office help
Female, 23, CA
Administrative Assts. are responsible for preparing the trainings to be shipped out to training sites. This includes making copies of packets, packing boxes with necessary materials and shipping it out. Other duties include data entry (tracking registration, collecting information for our internal database), Purchase Order for large and small events and/or ordering supplies. Back-up reception/front desk when necessary. Serving on hiring committees when appropriate.
Male, 23, NY
Manage schedules for three professors and attend to any duties given.
Female, 52, CA
Scheduling, hiring substitute teachers, accounts payable & receivable, parent/teacher contact, liaison with the district office, payroll

Female, 32, GA
Planning departmental budget. Supervising administrative staff. Departmental manager.
Female, 37, CA
Building maintenance, administrative (typing, filing, computer work)
Female, 38, CA
During the school year, I monitor the students, and then my real job is to review applications to UC Davis.
Female, 29, IL
Operational process, hr projects, data entry, web maintenance, training, presentations, employee communications and heavy database.
Female, 27, IL
Help parents work the proper way with schools to receive special education services
Female, 32, WA
Develop curriculum in fine and performing arts for students grades K-8. Teach curriculum, and guide students in their art work. Hang artwork around the school. Direct school play.
Mainly responsible for coordinating the University's undergraduate internship program. Also coordinate career planning workshops throughout the year and assist with presentations as needed.
My responsibilities primarily include meeting with students to discuss career possibilities. I help students create a career strategy plan, so he or she takes the classes, interns, and applies in the correct order. I also have an important role in planning events held by the Career Center. I plan career lunches, retreats, the annual graduate and law school day and ou annual talent quest. I also plan and facilitate etiquette, resume, and interview workshops.