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43 Career Job Profile Results for Design-Architecture

Female, 35, PA
I am the front desk receptionist. I answer the phone and greet clients and anyone else coming into the office. I am also an administrator and handle daily things such as filing, writing letters, putting together charts, contact lists, ordering office supplies and maintaining equipment in the office
Female, 38, MD
I engage customers to see if they would be interested in a free in home consultation.
Male, 34, GA
i must create and promote my housing ideas
Male, 24, MO
My duties include fixing mistakes on drawings and designing conceptual 3d sketches.
Female, 30, NC
Production Engineering - design all electrical/mechanical centers

Female, 32, AR
Everything from answering the phone taking orders to cake decorating and checking out customers.
Female, 42, MD
ice cakes and decorate them
Female, 27, MA
I design the merchandising of certain departments within the store--where things go on what shelves.
Male, 25, IL
co-manage along with the other president of our little company
Female, 47, AZ
Marketing and client relations. Also review and advise on architectural plans
Male, 32, TX
Female, 23, UT
Design electronic devices.

Female, 26, MA
I am involved in all stages of the design process. The majority of my time is spend drawing on a CAD program. The rest of the time is spent in meetings and job site visits.
Male, 24, CA
I draw the construction documents and check them. I visit job sites too
Male, 46, NY
all phases of desing work ,customer sales,computers
Male, 50, NY
I design clothes as well as make then when necessary.
Female, 28, PA
I am the sole employee of this business. I handle sales, promotion, assembly and design.
Male, 24, KS
I am responsible for ordering and overseeing the wholesale shirts and other clothes we use directly from the manufacturuer. I also work in the creation of designs as well as the actual silkscreening process
Female, 33, MO
I work on yearbook covers and endsheets. Usually, I take a design sent to us by the school and create it on the computer, by either drawing or graphically creating it in Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. I also take standard covers created by our company and individualize them by the specs given by the school.
Male, 24, OR
Creative design, logo concepts, pencil drawings taken to photoshop illustrator.