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Female, 25, GA
Accepting calls, emails, and offering technical assistance to clients. Leading the team that I am on and making minor manager decisions.
Customer service, export booking management, some sales functions.
Female, 50, CA
to answer calls and sumit onlien purchase for varied accts and provide training for another agent
Female, 30, WA
Customer service is always a top priority. I go through and check that our groceries scan right and fix all the errors that occur. I also do some time and attendance as needed.
Female, 23, OH
i make hotel, limo,and rental car reservations, i answer and transfer on the phone, take care of the customers that come in , enter fuel invoices, beep people through the secured gate, and inform fuelers in changes.

Female, 27, IL
take deposits make withdrals open new accounts start process for loans
Female, 43, CA
I bill customers for their global networking solutions.
Female, 27, MN
My major responsibilties include cashiering and basic customer sevice. It also includes shelveing and maintaining assigned section, Inventory reduction, and buying merch from customers
Female, 37, CT
cash customers out, stock soda and candy, make coffee
Female, 32, CA
Running the register, making sandwiches, stocking and general cleaning
Female, 48, MI
Male, 21, FL
Assisting customers with finding products, maintaining back areas, assisting in deli, seafood, and butcher's departments.

Female, 45, GA
I work with the Sr. VP of sales in the Atlanta office and provide client service to her clients. I work with her on her prospect list and to keep her current clients happy. We take care of any trading assistance they made need or any bill-paying assistance they need. I am the liaison between her and the Burbank home office personnel.
Female, 38, IL
process medical and dental claims daily answer incoming calls
Female, 46, MA
setting up credit card accounts for banks,statement and balance information,accounts receivable and payable,fraud detection
Male, 22, NY
help guest in all areas
Female, 26, WA
Greet residents, call taxis, handel and safegaurd packages and keys. Check in visitors and deliveries, investigate disturbances.

csr Job Profile (ID #2476)

Male, 36, CA
answer phone, filing and some other admin. duties...

CSR Job Profile (ID #2771)

Female, 21, NC
I work for them as a customer service representative-people call in to have their appliances worked on or they call in to get extended warranties on their appliances.
Male, 19, PA
Customer issues, returns, getting daily jobs and duties complete(cleaning the store up at the end of the night), making sure cashiers and baggers get their breaks, recording daily totals