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56 Career Job Profile Results for Consulting

Female, 28, VA
I conduct research on many different environmental issues affecting the government. I write reports and summaries to help the government asses ongoing environmental programs.
Male, 23, NY
- Multinomial and binomial regression modeling - Model documentation - Deck production - Writing code - Developing custom quantitative analyses
Female, 40, MA
girl of all trades...accounting, HR, invoices, financial reporting to CFO, Office Manager etc
Female, 33, TX
Case managing clients affected by disaster. Referring resources to clients for whatever needs it may be due to disaster.
Female, 25, NY
I create magazine advertisements, maintain and create our website, and create any kind of marketing materials that we use. I also write articles about college and financial aid for magazines; I write documents for our clients to use; and I write a bimonthly newsletter. I oversee the development and continued use of a database software. Basically I'm responsible for anything creative that comes out of our office.

Female, 25, GA
I am a performance consultant that travels to different clients and leads complete performance testing and analysis for them.
Male, 32, FL
Database administrator
Male, 34, CA
I work in support dept.which also handles returns and issues
Male, 48, GA
Application installation
Male, 29, CA
I am responsible for hardware support throughout the organization.
Male, 24, MD
I am a Java developer working on web applications and whatever other work comes my way. I also occaisionally do software testing.
Female, 47, AZ
Marketing and client relations. Also review and advise on architectural plans

Male, 24, KY
I go to customers homes and set up our product, and talk about the company and the product. I also share with them ways to make extra money for spending.
Female, 25, TX
Deal with software projects planning, estimation, development, test and audit
Male, 27, NY
Currently I work at BlueChipMarketing( http://www.cashinginonauctions.com) in Tempe, AZ. I consult potential clients on ways of supplementing or replacing their current income through affiliate websites like ebay, forsalebyowner, tradingsolutions e.t.c. I set them up with their own cashinginonauctions websites with one or more affiliate websites. The packages I sell range anywhere from $200-$500. I work with 10 other co-workers. We also have an advertising department consisting of 4 reloaders that assist my clients on ways of generating traffic to their newly-designed website.
Male, 25, NV
Check through magazines, consult artists/editors/fellow consultants on ideas, meet with clients.
Female, 31, CA
direct an events and marketing dept with 8 staff.
Female, 31, CA
As a division director I am directly responsible for managing a team of recruiters, sales executives and technology consultants. I manage client project engagements, ensure fair project pricing and oversee project quality assurance. I am also directly responsible for all typical management duties: employee retention, supervision and recruitment.
Female, 32, CA
marketing and advertising
Female, 27, CA
I am an employment consultant for staff positions through out the campus and medical center. I am responsible for recruiting efforts, hiring processes, and employment concerns.