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172 Career Job Profile Results for Construction-Agriculture

Male, 55, NY
I am responsible for the mixing and the process of a number of batches during my shift.
Female, 22, NY
Provide authorization numbers for workers on jobs ordering parts, make sure we are ordering from the location with the best prices. Manage equipment rentals, code and enter invoices. Balancing the ledger.
Female, 27, OH
I am in charge of collections and billing. I rate the orders, bill the customers and then collect the money. I also process the money when it comes into the office.
Female, 27, IN
Switchboard, file, fax, ms word and excel
Female, 23, WA
My job duties entail preliminary estimating for custom homes. Preparing documentation for client meetings and subcontractors, faxing information, employee safety meetings, and organizing company events.

Female, 37, NY
I answer the phone and direct the caller to who ever they ask to speak to. I file, fax, type, and do anything else that is necessary.
Female, 38, NJ
data entry, a/r, a/p, hr
Female, 36, MA
I purchase, authorize, bookkeep, plan jobs, and field phone call to people doing the jobs, deal with subs
Male, 41, GA
prepare planes for flight, change engines, do all maintenance and taxi to gates and hangar
Male, 25, IL
I work in the assembly line. I attach and detach different bearings. I also inspect, and rearrange if needed, the ball bearing if they have not been properly assembled. There are also times I supervise other workers while they are assembling their units.
Male, 36, TX
i am on the assembly line. i assemble hoods and bumpers on the trucks.
Female, 32, NH
Basic paper work of new renters, computer work , book keeping,fax,invoices,alot of data entry

Male, 21, NY
Keeping the store clean and keeping the employees safe. Making sure everyone is doing their job correctly and keeping customers satisfied.
Male, 38, CA
As a mechanic I service and give safety inspections on a wide range of vehicles and groundskeeping equipment. This includes vans, trucks, riding mowers, dump trucks, case tractors, and sweepers.
Male, 49, WI
testing our products and competitors for wear.
Male, 39, TN
As far as my job description, I do custom exhausts, engine repair, tire repair, basically any and all types of auto repair.
Male, 27, VA
Dia. and repair vehicle, perform safety and emissions inspections, perform preventive maintenance
Female, 30, NC
Production Engineering - design all electrical/mechanical centers
Male, 26, MO
Operate a variety of copy machines, color and black and white. Provide finishing services such as binding, lamination, folding, inserting, stamping, metering, packing, shipping, etc. Handle a variety of digitally submitted projects, requiring preparation for printing from a variety of software sources. Take orders via email, phone, internet, or walk-in, including upselling and value adding.
Female, 30, IL
I co own the company, so I not only do the hands on construction work but also the office work. I bid the jobs that we do and communicate with the clients on a day to day basis. I also handle the scheduling and ordering as well as designing and managing of the projects. I usually work 40 hours at the job site and an additional 30 hours per week handling the office side of things and managing our web site and company blog. Someday we hope to have office help so that we do not have to work so many hours, but since we are a smaller company, we both usually work long hours to keep it up and running smoothly.