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Male, 25, PA
I am responsible for updating, configuring, and maintaining 3rd party software through out the company. By "3rd party" I mean software that is not programmed by employees. For example, Microsoft Excel is a 3rd party software.
Female, 25, AL
Oversee account activity, maintain customer relations
Female, 25, GA
Accepting calls, emails, and offering technical assistance to clients. Leading the team that I am on and making minor manager decisions.
You name it I do it, all secretarial duties, light bookeeping, event planning, webmaster/IT staff person, work with clients, receptionist, etc.
Female, 42, WI
analysis, tech specs, help desk & documentation

Male, 28, NC
Responsible for basic troubleshooting and resolution of software and hardware problems within Bank of America's GCIB division. Supported groups include Corporate Real Estate; Sports Finance; Middle Office
Reports to Senior Vice President. Tracks and reconciles departmental project costs and overhead expenses. Assists Sr. VP in preparation of required financial reports and executive presentations. Schedules worldwide video-conferences with top EMI executives. Tracks and processes departmental invoices for vendors/consultants Coordinates Sr. VP's schedule and follow-up system. Attends weekly management meetings and sets tasks for managers based on feedback in the meeting. Provides liaison between IT Department and outside vendors/consultants. Assists Sr. VP in drafting of vendor/consultant contracts and non-disclosure agreements. Maintains IT Department records and files. Maintains track tagging and receipt of licensed ringtone files. Researches and maintains lyrics database to ensure song lyrics are available on the EMI Music Publishing website. Performs various administrative functions as required, including processing Sr. VP's mail, preparing Sr. VP’s expense report and travel arrangements, copying, faxing, ordering office supplies, etc. Creates multidimensional reports for senior level staff using the Cognos Suite of products that are used to track how the business is doing and to create new business plans, build better business practices and forecasting. Creates in depth reports for the Legal Department as needed for litigation settlement using the Cognos Suite of products. Creates multidimensional reports for Licensing & Synchronization staff and Music Resources staff used to track work efficiency and progress using the Cognos Suite of products. Takes on special projects as needed.
Female, 32, CA
mainting existing applications, creating new formulary databases , updating existing websites look and functionality , maintaining etc
Female, 28, PA
I am responsible for implementing a forecasting system for my company.
Female, 48, PA
Trouble shoot new software, correct minor problems of users with existing software. Correct erroneous data entries. Plan new computer applications.
Female, 40, MA
girl of all trades...accounting, HR, invoices, financial reporting to CFO, Office Manager etc
Male, 22, WV
I need to write coding for various tasks given by my supervisor which mostly involve large sets of data analysis.

Female, 24, PA
searching online for topics for infoseekers.

CIA Job Profile (ID #4675)

Male, 29, NY
assess custoker issues with electronic equipment, provide solutions for repair, work with various hardware and software configurations to make repairs to customer equipment, complete service paperwork electronically
I help internal users resolve problems with thier PCs and different internal operating systems.
Male, 33, FL
Provide computer support, recommendations, and reports.
Male, 36, IL
Come up with solutions for communications requirements dealing with aircraft. The main focus is IP enabled links for aircraft
Male, 35, NH
moniter all operations within the enterprise including IBM I,P and X Series, Unix and Oracle
Male, 36, MN
I run the data operations center, the overnioght shift, do all the backups run all the as400 systems...etc
Male, 29, TN
As a computer operator I am responsible for daily, weekly and monthly backups and maintenance on both a mainframe system and a network of predominantly Windows and Oracle based systems. I also do networking and hardware monitoring and troubleshooting when necessary.