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31 Career Job Profile Results for Child-DayCare

Female, 21, PA
take care of children, play games, read stories, change diapers, feed children.
Female, 26, NC
I am responsible for the wellbeing and care of the five children in my care. I change diapers, feed, provide artwork and activities, potty train, and see that the children are safe at all times. Also I prepare the older children for going to kindergarten.
As owner, my duties are overlooking employees and make sure the children are well cared for. The needs are met of the children, employees, and the business duties in general.
Female, 34, NY
I am responsible for the art portion of the childrens\\\' day. We do a different art project every day using various materials.. crayons, markers, colored pencils, playdough. We always have a theme. Themes change each week.
Female, 27, VA
General caregiving of children ages 10 months and 7 years. Cooking, bathing, cleaning, etc.

Female, 21, MA
I take care of the child and make sure it is happy.
Female, 35, NY
Duties include nurturing the children, helping them grow into their own unique individuals.Teaching them their ABC\\\'s, numbers, colors an etc,changing diapers,making and feeding them all snacks and meals.
Female, 38, OH
I watch children and provide activities for them during the day.
Female, 50, NY
cook breakfast, lunch and snack - watch kids
Female, 25, CA
I teach a few classes a week, help with homework, supervise snack time and free time.
Female, 36, UT
Taking care of, feeding, and educating children under the age of 5.
Female, 24, MI
child care- basic needs- changing diapers, feeding, supervision, homework help, travel if needed.

Female, 31, PA
I care for children on a regular basis. I feed and bathe them.
Female, 53, MI
I provide the total care and education of 6 children between the ages of 6 weeks and 12 years.
Female, 31, SC
I provide a loving and safe environment for children while their parents are working. I teach the children through play, art, socialization and some acedemics. I am responsible for preparing meals (breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack) for all of the children.
Female, 30, ID
teacher to 4 and 5 yr olds
Female, 26, MO
I am the infant room lead teacher, I care for the babies while their parents are away at school or work.
Female, 39, NY
Full care and education of infant children as well as safety committee.
Female, 32, MO
Manager over all of the bussiness.
Female, 49, OK
preparing meals for the children, baths, taking and picking up the older child to kindergarten, housekeeping