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Male, 42, IL
I am a medical malpractice insurance underwriter. I select and price physician accounts of every size. I also provide referral services for less experienced underwriters. My emphasis is on large group accounts though I also underwrite individual accounts.
Male, 26, CA
i acquire new business contacts and sell document management systems.
Female, 43, IL
commercial factoring
Female, 29, WA
Account manager for 100 businesses, new account development, customer service, outside sales, analyzing credit card processing statements.
Female, 28, OK
I route cargo internationally from overseas factories to the foreign ports/airports for departure, then via the U.S. ports and after clearing Customs, I deliver to the ultimate consignee. I am cross-trained in exports and occasionally route freight in the reverse -- out of the U.S. to various points worldwide.

Female, 25, GA
Accepting calls, emails, and offering technical assistance to clients. Leading the team that I am on and making minor manager decisions.
I maintain the books as well as ship all the items sold
Female, 27, FL
I do A/R, A/P, mainly data entry.
Female, 26, NY
answering the phone, some filing, setting agendas for meetings.
Male, 29, PA
I find people that are in need of Primerica's services. I create charts of people's financial situations, create a plan for saving money for retirement, schooling for any children, etc. I help people decide how much they should save for retirement and how to make it happen, and also how much life insurance they should have on themselves.
Male, 26, NM
a taster
Male, 23, NY
- Multinomial and binomial regression modeling - Model documentation - Deck production - Writing code - Developing custom quantitative analyses

Female, 28, CA
Commercial Loan Department
Male, 33, MA
work with team to see what work they are doing on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. see if there is anyway to make their jobs easier
We do compliance testing and complete annual tax returns for qualified plans (401k, profit Sharing, Defined Benefit, POP). We do this for the plans of small & medium sized companies. We also prepare new plan documents, amend current plan documents, & help withn all aspects of plan structure.
Male, 34, GA
i must create and promote my housing ideas
Female, 47, CO
I am responsible for the creation of the art, marketing, advertising, networking, shipping, supplies, receiving, research, development, photography and customer service.
Female, 32, NC
all aspects of creation and management
Female, 25, WI
I delegate responibilities to the staff and make sure that routine functions are completed timely and correctly. I also take care of more infrequent tasks that need to be completed on a weekly or biweekly or bimonthly basis. I schedule everyone's hours and do their reviews. I also perform other diciplinary measures as necessary. As an assistant store leader, I attend meetings with our district leader and receive updates, which I then pass on to my team at the store level during our own meeting.
Female, 25, CA
time management, support of the international team