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29 Career Job Profile Results for Aviation-Travel

Male, 33, FL
I am responsible for budgeting and invoicing for the station.
Male, 41, GA
prepare planes for flight, change engines, do all maintenance and taxi to gates and hangar
Enforce security rules and regulations set by TSA and the airport. Inspect airport structure, grounds and tenants that they comply with all security programs. Teach security training to employees of both the airport and tenants.
Female, 23, OH
i make hotel, limo,and rental car reservations, i answer and transfer on the phone, take care of the customers that come in , enter fuel invoices, beep people through the secured gate, and inform fuelers in changes.
Female, 32, IO
Greet customers; process correspondence for avaiation safety inspectors beginning with typing and/or proofing letters, routing it through the proper channels, and then mailing the documents; Answer and route phone calls; file; prepare quarterly newsletter for pilots in the state of Iowa

Male, 43, OR
Install and repair avionics in civilian aircraft
Female, 38, WA
Reconcile sales, prepare weekly sales reports, record all accounts payable and receivables.
Female, 37, MA
I answer the phone as the calls come in and identify which company the traveler is from and help with either new reservations or existing reservations.
Female, 34, IL
I book reservations for corporate clients travelling on business for their companies, this includes air, hotel, and car reservations.
Female, 26, MA
I engage in every aspect of customer service including checkin, boarding, and baggage.
As a Destination Specialist, I provide information to my clients to help them decide on their travel options. The purchase an itinerary I plan, and I book those services for them.
Male, 30, TX
My responsibilities include mission planning such as reviewing mission tasking, intelligence and weather information and supervising mission preparation. During a mission, I operate aircraft controls and equipment and supervise or direct navigation, in-flight refueling and weapon delivery. I also ensure the operational readiness of the crew by conducting or supervising mission-specific crewmember training.

Female, 33, NY
Boarding the aircraft, serving passengers 3 course meals; safety; first aid (if applicaple); security checks of the aircraft.
Female, 41, CT
Writing, computer time, purchasing, fundraising...
Female, 25, AR
Check inns answer phones help with cleaning duties
scheduling, tracking and assigning labor charges for laborers, verifying parts, calculating key statistics for performance, etc.
Male, 36, FL
it platform administration
Female, 26, MA
Test different modules and components for design validations.
Male, 28, WI
Emergency response coordination, Snow removal coordination, manage day to day operations.
Male, 25, MD
usually i unload the packages from the 18 wheelers on our dock so that they can be scanned and sent to the right drivers in the warehouse we work so they can deliver them. other times i am scanning the packages myself.