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Male, 32, VA
Sell and service classified and run-of-paper advertising to prospective and existing customers through meetings, over the telephone, by mail and in a pleasant and efficient manner. Plan and organize each day to include regular customers, new business, and other sales related activities. Assist classified customers in identifying market potential and target audience.
Female, 30, NY
I try and get the most publicity for my clients as possible through press releases, phone & email pitches. It entails alot of following up with journalists/reporters, and writing press releases.
Female, 33, NY
Team oversight, day-to-day client relations, new business research, media pitching, writing.
Female, 26, NY
optimize advertiser accounts
Male, 39, NV
Generate revenue for the stations from local businesses

Female, 35, IL
I am primarily in charge of producing all printed marketing collateral for the company, including brochures, ads, books, displays, and direct mail, and maintaining/updating the company website.
Female, 23, NY
The AAE is responsible for assisting the team in implementing all work which includes: Billing and Budgets; Added Value; Media Days; Issuance of authorizations, buys and posts; Necessary information for trafficking; Issuing status reports; Internal client communication and requests; Competitive Analysis and Facilitating information flow among all groups.
Female, 27, NY
• Evaluate targets and current Media trends to create and maintain optimal Media Plans for all Kraft powdered beverages (with billing totaling $50MM) and Ross pediatric brands (with billing totaling $30MM) • Construct print, broadband and non-traditional media briefs/recommendations to clients and outlet agencies • Engage in regular contact with clients, account management team and vendors • Prepare and manage divisional monthly budget, weekly status, and strategic competitive reports • Train and motivate planners and assistant planners while managing their day to day tasks • Work closely with sales representatives and marketing departments of magazines and television networks to negotiate/execute programs and added value opportunities such as Crystal Light’s “Real Women Doing Beautiful Things” advertorials in SELF, Crystal Light’s integration into SELF Workout in the Park, Crystal Light’s “Bring Out Your Beauty” sweepstakes on the Lifetime Network, and Similac Organic’s “Mom & Me Spa Retreat” sweepstakes/advertorial with Time Inc/Itsy Bitsy Yoga/Greenhouse Spa • Partner with multiple agencies for IMC Big Idea sessions to create a 360 degree synergistic approach to brands • Managed yearly revision allotment and late window fees across all 65 active Kraft brands • Developed cost strategy and contributed integral brand/target insights for New Business Pitch
Female, 39, NY
provide parents with the opportunity of services for their children and special offers. For example Gerber Life Insurance.
Female, 28, NY
In my current position, I am responsible for reviewing and maintaining details on telephone and web surveys. I ensure that the data being provided to our clients is collected in accordance with each project’s specifications. I work as a liaison between the call center and research and programming teams and provide updates and reports across the board to track progress and overall financial impact of each project. I work with Microsoft Excel, Work, and Outlook on a daily basis and am extremely competent in using these tools. I frequently also make use of Power Point and Access Databases. This position also requires much multi-tasking ability and the need to prioritize and solve problems alone as well as with the team. Additionally, I share in the process of reviewing and approving or adjusting project budgets prior to the sale of the project.
Female, 24, NY
tracking, implementing, and conduct analysis on media plans & assist on most accounts
Male, 24, TX
As Banquet Captain I am resposible for setting up banquets and other events based on an order slip provided to me by the hotels sales office. I'm also responsible for maitaining the meeting rooms and ballrooms, training new hires, and directing other banquet servers during events.

Female, 40, IL
I supervise up to 3 events at 1 time, Manage serving staff & bussing staff. Coordinate with planning and the Chef. Book events and handle questions from the host. Research bands for our events, promotions, sales, financial and advertising.

boss Job Profile (ID #2878)

Female, 35, CA
I do everything
Female, 41, IL
Male, 26, WI
Internet marketing, new business development, streamlining. I look for opporutnities we are currently not involved in and try to make them more cost efficient. Also, I try to stay abreast of all the happening within the business and competitors tactics to make sure we stay at above the average continuing ed. firm.
I review the reports submitted by agents and the reviews our reviewers have posted, checking for grammar, spelling, and any other mistakes. I make sure that all categories that the report pertains to are marked off. I work at the high school teaching various subjects.
Female, 25, NY
I create magazine advertisements, maintain and create our website, and create any kind of marketing materials that we use. I also write articles about college and financial aid for magazines; I write documents for our clients to use; and I write a bimonthly newsletter. I oversee the development and continued use of a database software. Basically I'm responsible for anything creative that comes out of our office.
Male, 27, NY
Currently I work at BlueChipMarketing( http://www.cashinginonauctions.com) in Tempe, AZ. I consult potential clients on ways of supplementing or replacing their current income through affiliate websites like ebay, forsalebyowner, tradingsolutions e.t.c. I set them up with their own cashinginonauctions websites with one or more affiliate websites. The packages I sell range anywhere from $200-$500. I work with 10 other co-workers. We also have an advertising department consisting of 4 reloaders that assist my clients on ways of generating traffic to their newly-designed website.
Male, 25, NV
Check through magazines, consult artists/editors/fellow consultants on ideas, meet with clients.