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97 Career Job Profile Results for Accounting

Female, 28, OK
I route cargo internationally from overseas factories to the foreign ports/airports for departure, then via the U.S. ports and after clearing Customs, I deliver to the ultimate consignee. I am cross-trained in exports and occasionally route freight in the reverse -- out of the U.S. to various points worldwide.
Female, 25, NY
Create journal entries for monthly bank statements, perform bank reconciliations, submit insurance claims, pay all bills.
Female, 27, NY
Appointment Setting, Clerical
Female, 40, MS
I am in charge of all accounting payable & recieving, I also manage booking jobs and ordering materials needed.
Female, 27, CT
i need to visit customers explain them the plans they want to go for and prepare papers and file them

Female, 47, IN
I do bookkeeping and preparation of various governmental tax forms for small businesses. I prepare business and personal income tax returns.
Female, 30, CA
I am the company's accountant. I pay the bills, do payroll, taxes, and take care of the insurance
Male, 23, CA
accounting, accounts receivable/payable. debit/credtiing various entries and organizing main financial statements
Male, 41, IL
provides financial services to customers
Female, 37, FL
I am assigned national clients which I audit monthly and prepare reports for. Normally I work on projects for 1 month. At that point, there are criteria that need to be met before a new client is given to me.
Male, 38, FL
Keeping records in excel of expenditures and balance the books and keep track of pending and settled claims.
Female, 21, NC
Responsible for keeping track of accounts recievable as well as payabable.

Male, 46, NY
general accounting functions such as account anlaysis, bank reconciliations, cash management, accounts receivable and payables.
Female, 47, MI
Prepare journal entries, prepare financial statements, prepare tax returns, prepare budgets
Female, 26, CA
I work in the accounting department doing anything from distributing payroll to balancing and reconciling billing vouchers. I check the accuracy of data on accounts, post/update transactions as needed.
Female, 36, PA
Accounts Payable/ Receivable, general accounting
Female, 49, CA
I am responsible for Account Reconciliations and Quarterly Reports to comply with SAS 112 for all of my accounts. These accounts include: οƒ˜ Intercampus Billing and One time payments οƒ˜ Prepare Annuitant Health Journals οƒ˜ Med Comp Health Plan οƒ˜ Workers’ Comp Journal οƒ˜ Monthly Summary Gross payroll and Benefits Cost οƒ˜ Health Sciences Payment Plan οƒ˜ Senior Management Payment Plan οƒ˜ Surepay Deletes οƒ˜ Resolve discrepancies with Social Security Numbers for UCOP οƒ˜ Resolve FITSCO discrepancies οƒ˜ Intercampus Health Journals
Female, 22, NY
Provide authorization numbers for workers on jobs ordering parts, make sure we are ordering from the location with the best prices. Manage equipment rentals, code and enter invoices. Balancing the ledger.
Female, 27, FL
I do A/R, A/P, mainly data entry.
Female, 36, MI
Reconciling accounts. Creating monthly and daily accounts receiveable reports. Proccess Accounts Payable documents for my area. Enter Payroll information for my department.