I would always ask them.. so you are a manufacturing accountant… a development assistant…a research analyst…a QA software developer… What does that actually mean? What do you do all day? Do you like it?

– Alicia Schwartz, Founder



About TheCareerProject.org

TheCareerProject.org was started in 2008 by Alicia Schwartz.  In the years prior, Alicia had spent time renting apartments in New York to make extra money while she was finishing up school.  Each time she met a new client, she would strike up small talk about their job.

We’re all familiar with different job titles and can even recognize some industry buzz words from time to time, but how much do you really know about the different job options available to you?  A job description or a 30-second chat at a cocktail party offer little insight.  We created TheCareerProject to go deeper.  Our goal is to help you learn about different careers – to learn the nitty-gritty.  What do you actually do all day?  How does that fit into a bigger picture?  Do you enjoy your job?  What’s your favorite part?  What’s your least favorite?  What’s different than what you expected?  These are the types of questions we ask of thousands of professionals about their current jobs, in order to give you an inside scoop about what its really like to work in a particular career.


Our Team

jon2Jon Payne – Editor
Jon is a serial entrepreneur who currently runs Net Focus Media an Amazon marketing and consulting firm that helps brands and manufacturers to more efficiently rank and sell their products on Amazon.  Net Focus Media also owns and operates a handful of different web-based businesses as well, such as an industrial distributor e-commerce site and also this site (The Career Project).  Jon is a huge fan of all things internet, having first fallen in love with hand-coding HTML on Geocities in the late 90’s.  By the early 2000’s he turned this interest into a business by starting an internet marketing agency that he grew over the next 10 years and then successfully sold in 2013 in order to trade “client work” for the “side projects” he was so passionate about.  This very site being one of those.


Alicia SchwartzAlicia Schwartz – Founder
Alicia started TheCareerProject back in 2008 and it’s her blood, sweat and tears that built our initial stockpile of career profiles and got the site recognized on the interwebs.  You can read her background and the “why” behind this website below.  Alicia’s interests include real estate, careers (obviously) and all things internet.  In addition to her involvement in TheCareerProject, she also currently serves as a Founder of AddressReport, an NYC-based startup that provides “background checks” for any apartment or condo that you might be considering.


Our History:  How We Started

Our Founder, Alicia Schwartz, shares her story:

I interned as a Counselor at two colleges while I was in school for my Masters in Counseling. I worked with students on a variety of issues but career planning was always at the forefront of many sessions. Many of my students didn’t know what professions they wanted and the one’s that did know didn’t know what it took to get there. They were unaware of what was available to them and that many positions were in reach.

For income while I was in school I decided to get licensed as a Real Estate Salesperson and rented apartments in NYC. It was probably the most difficult and grueling job I have ever had but it is still an experience I value. I ended up meeting all different types of people who all had hundreds of jobs I had never heard of before. I would always ask them.. so you are a manufacturing accountant… a development assistant…a research analyst…a QA software developer… what does that actually mean? What do you do all day? Do you like it?

Once I graduated and left real estate, I had time to reflect upon my experiences in the workforce and with my students. Wouldn’t it have been great for my students to know what people in the workforce needed to get to where they are today? What if there was a resource that could actually tell someone “this is what I do all day.” Thus, The Career Project was born.


Okay, Now Go Read Some Career Profiles!

This site was designed with the pure intention of letting people of all ages, not just students, voyeur into any job they could think of. This becomes even more relevant today with the lack of job security and how many people are having not only one career but on average 2 or sometimes 3 different career shifts in a lifetime.  We hope you get as much out of it as we did putting it together.  Okay now quite reading about us, and go read about the careers that interest you!