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Welcome Job Seekers!

Welcome to The Career Project! We are a new interactive database of career profiles in hundreds of professions. The Career Project provides a unique service where you can learn about careers directly from the people who work them.  If you are new to the workforce or looking at your second or third career shift The Career Project is the perfect place to start your journey! Learn what people really make and do all day, what they really love/hate about their position, how they got their job and what they suggest for you to do to find a similar position and much more!




What does a profile include?

A profile has three sections. Every mentor had to fill out a our thorough questionnaire in "We asked." They were also asked to fill out what "A Day in the life of..." is like a their job in hour-by-hour detail. The third section is "Ask me" where if you register you are able to ask our mentor's any questions you feel we haven't covered.

How do you recruit mentors?

We began with contacting family, friends and co-workers in a variety of fields in the beginning of 2007. We compensate our mentors with specialty coffee cards once their profile has been verified as complete.  We are proud that we have thousands of profiles of mentors from all walks of life in hundreds of different professions. We have to shut off registration monthly because so many people want to participate!

How many profiles do you add a month?

We add on average 100-300 monthly depending on the batch.

How do you screen mentors?

Only the director has the final approval before a profile is made live.  The Career Project has an acceptance rate of about 60%.  We do not accept profiles that don’t meet our criteria, are not quality in information and are possibly “fake.” (Fake profiles are very rare) We do require mentors to use their work email and if they do not have one they must provide a contact phone number for work verification.  Criteria includes but is not limited too, at least 23 years of age, has at least an associate degree or has been working for a minimum of three years and works at least 25 hours per week.

How do I become a mentor?

For all information regarding becoming a mentor please go to www.TheCareerProject.com!

I have seen grammar errors on the profiles will these be fixed?

We do not alter the mentor's content. We do not want to alter their voice, message or information in any capacity. This includes spelling and grammatical errors. We do ask them to review their profile before submitting it to be live on The Career Project.

Some of the profiles I have viewed are incomplete, how come?

We post profiles that are at least 50% complete. Either their questionnaire has to be completely filled out or the first section of the questionnaire and their entire "A day in the life of."