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how we started...

I interned as a Counselor at two colleges while I was in school for my Masters in Counseling. I worked with students on a variety of issues but career planning was always at the forefront of many sessions. Many of my students didn't know what professions they wanted and the one's that did know didn't know what it took to get there. They were unaware of what was available to them and that many positions were in reach.


For income while I was in school I decided to get licensed as a Real Estate Salesperson and rented apartments in NYC.  It was probably the most difficult and grueling job I have ever had but it is still an experience I value. I ended up meeting all different types of people who all had hundreds of jobs I had never heard of before. I would always ask them.. so you are a manufacturing accountant... a development assistant...a research analyst...a QA software developer... what does that actually mean? What do you do all day? Do you like it?

 Once I graduated and left real estate, I had time to reflect upon my experiences in the workforce and with my students. Wouldn't it have been great for my students to know what people in the workforce needed to get to where they are today? What if there was a resource that could actually tell someone "this is what I do all day." Thus, The Career Project was born.


This site was designed with the pure intention of letting people of all ages, not just students, voyeur into any job they could think of. This becomes even more relevant today with the lack of job security and how many people are having not only one career but on average 2 or sometimes 3 different career shifts in a lifetime.

 We hope you get as much out of it as we did putting it together.