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The Career Project is a free online database of thousands of career profiles. Each “career profile” is the result of a one-on-one interview with a professional. We started this site to help students and young professionals to get the “inside scoop” as to what its really like to work in a given field, or with a given job title that may peak their interest. Use the categories below to get started:

Looking for more career information, career descriptions or job profiles?  If so, stay tuned!  We’re adding dozens of new job profiles each month.

What do our career profiles feature?

Section 1:  What exactly do you do?
Section 2:  Describe your work environment.
Section 3:  How does someone new to the workforce get a J-O-B like yours?
Section 4:  How did you get your job?
Section 5:  Describe your training and qualifications.
Section 6:  What are your future plans and career goals?
Section 7:  A DAY IN THE LIFE OF… Please provide an hour-by-hour breakdown of how you spend your day.